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Currently FNF is cooperating with three liberal parties – IDS-DDI, a regional party from Istria, HSLS (Croatian Social Liberal Party) and HNS (Croatian People’s Party) – in the fields of Human Rights and economic development. The foundation offers its partners tailor-made solutions ranging from political consultation to dialogue projects (Croatian-Serb Dialogue, Freedom Talks). Besides it supports the evolution of local councillors’ networks such as the network of Liberal Mayors from Istria. The basic idea of these networks is the exchange of information beyond country borders. Furthermore these networks have a growing influence when it comes to relevant topics for the respective parties. The Serbian-Croatian Dialogue links to the successful Historians’ dialogues which FNF offered in the second half of the 90’s. On regional level Croatia is part of the Freedom Barometer, the “Accountability in Politics” program and the exciting project. As the other countries in the region Croatia is still fighting with corruption, a high level of Youth Unemployment and an overgrown public sector (due to clientelism).


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